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Why Choose Memory Foam?

Better Sleep Position

Memory foam has been designed to mold to your most comfortable position. As opposed to traditional innerspring mattresses, there are no innersprings pressing against your body months after purchasing new innerspring mattress. The memory foam mattress conforms to the contours of your body and the memory foam reduces, even eliminates, pressure points while providing proper back, shoulder and neck alignment. The result of the memory foam material in the mattress eliminates the constant tossing and turning throughout the night though the relief from unwanted pressure points which the memory foam’s temperature sensitive material will eliminate. When memory foam mattresses conform to your body’s natural contours shape, the memory foam mattress allows for a more comfortable resting experience in combination with the memory foam’s pressure point relief. READ MORE

Better for Alignment of Spine

Memory foam technology allows for neutral position of spine through even body support keeping your back aligned throughout the night. The memory foam mattress conforms to the person, not the other way around. So, there is less soreness in the morning as a result of unneeded pressure being placed on spinal, shoulder, neck and other sensitive areas that is often experienced with traditional mattresses. In addition to how memory foam mattresses health and spinal benefits, memory foam mattresses are also endorsed by chiropractors all over the world. Many of whom are now manufacturers of their own memory foam mattresses and memory foam products today. READ MORE

No More Sagging Mattresses

In comparison to traditional innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses do not sag. This is because of the density in the memory foam mattress material which eliminates the need to flip the foam mattress due to sagging over time. Memory foam has much more density that that of traditional mattresses. This memory foam material density lengthens the life of the memory foam mattress. And in many cases, this is why such lengthy warranties are provided, in addition to all of the other high quality counterparts of quality memory foam mattresses and products. READ MORE

Naturally Resistant to Dust Mites and Other Microorganisms

Memory foam prevents dust mites from building habitats in latex and memory foam environments. Natural latex is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, and dust mite resistant. Dust mites feed on organic fibers, such as cotton. In a memory foam environment, no food is readily available for dust mites to survive on in a memory foam mattress as opposed to the materials of which the insides of traditional mattresses are made of. Plus, there are many other products such as encasings to help prevent dust mites and other microorganisms from living in your mattresses. READ MORE

Products Available With All-Natural Materials

As mentioned above, many high-quality memory foam products are made from all-natural materials such as natural latex. Natural latex and memory foam is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, and dust mite resistant. The kind of latex many people are allergic to is a different kind of latex, such as that used to make latex gloves and other products. With the benefits of natural latex and all-natural memory foam material being considered, it is always a better choice to look for those memory foam mattresses as well as other memory foam products that are made from all-natural memory foam material in order to take advantage of the benefits that memory foam products can provide. Always make sure if your mattress contains latex, that it is 100% natural latex and no fillers in the mattress materials if you desire the benefits of all-natural memory foam or latex materials. The material used to produce the memory foam mattress is usually the case for extraordinarily cheaper memory foam mattresses for sale through many already questionable retailers as many of the memory foam mattresses they sell consist of synthetic materials. The real all-natural materials are not cheap to produce which is in many cases reflected in the price of the memory foam mattress. So make your decisions with all of these considerations in mind. READ MORE

Modern Sleep Technology

Memory foam was first developed by NASA to help evenly absorb and redistribute the huge amounts of g-force pressure endured by the astronauts during liftoff. This viscoelastic, aka memory foam, technology was never really used on a full scale until it was initially introduced commercially by the medical industry. Hospitals soon realized the benefits of the memory foam material as a result of memory foam’s pressure-relieving qualities of the temperature sensitive memory foam or visco elastic material. Soon thereafter, memory foam mattresses quickly became widespread in the early 1990’s after the medical industry’s initial introduction through hospitals. The modern day health benefits of the usage of memory foam mattresses on a daily basis were quickly discovered by individuals all over the world. Today, new technologies are constantly being introduced, such as magnetic therapy through materials in the memory foam mattresses and other viscoelastic products. READ MORE

Temperature-Sensitive Material

As body heat rises, the material in the memory foam mattress responds by softening when heated to relieve pressure. Very beneficial to individuals with injuries as the temperature sensitive mattress will soften when injured areas become fevered. As mentioned, there are now even more pain-relieving technologies, such as magnetic therapy, going into the development and manufacturing of memory foam mattresses available to everyone. READ MORE

Air-Exchange Systems

System developed to prevent many memory foam mattresses from ever becoming too hot if the situation ever should occur. In addition, natural latex and memory foam materials are breathable. This quality allows for the memory foam mattress to keep warmer in the winter and cooler in summer months. READ MORE

Designed for Astronauts, Affordable for Everyone

Compared to when NASA memory foam mattress technology was first introduced, the prices have become much more affordable. As supply and demand principles are considered, the prices have gone down tremendously. Even with the additional technologies being discovered constantly, the prices still seem to remain very reasonable for memory foam products. This is simply because memory foam mattresses and other memory foam products are growing in popularity exponentially daily. Just imagine what would have happened to prices if NASA decided to make the memory foam technology even more advanced that it already is today! See for yourself what great products are currently available of read more right here about affordability of memory foam mattresses and other memory foam products and how to find the best memory foam product to fit your individual needs at the lowest cost to you. READ MORE

Competitive Manufacturer Warranties

Many manufacturers honor very generous warranties, such as 25+ year warranties. This is quite an amazing option given to memory foam mattress consumers around the world. As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons is the quality of the memory foam material keeps the mattress in great shape due to its density and the high-quality standards of many memory foam product manufacturers globally. READ MORE

A Better Night's Sleep

Many options are available for individuals with specific needs. Visit our other sections from more information. Available in all sizes. Twin, Regular, Queen, and King sizes.
Tip: Look for more density in foam (5 lbs or more)
Something for everyone: firmness and spinal support of a floor or hard mattress with the soft, cradling feel of a luxury mattress.
Improved blood circulation as a result of the softness and contouring design of the memory foam material versus that of harder mattresses which can cause morning numbness by cutting off one’s circulation.

In addition, another result of the visco elastic properties of the memory foam mattress is that there is less movement of entire mattress when a partner shifts throughout the night. This, again, is due to the contouring and cradling effects of the memory foam material in the mattress.
When another person sharing a memory foam mattress shifts throughout the night, the vibrations resulting from the partner’s movement is only distributed throughout their section of the bed rather than being shifted throughout the entire mattress. READ MORE

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