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Compare Memory Foam VS. Waterbeds

Waterbeds As Compared to Memory Foam Mattress Sleep Systems

The Basics of Waterbeds As Compared To Memory Foam Beds

Waterbeds mainly consist of a mattress containing a vinyl bladder, filled with specially conditioned and treated water to help prevent bacteria and algae growth, through a hose which can be connected to any faucet throughout the house, which holds all the mattress water sealed with a safety liner to help prevent leakage. This system is placed on a wood base and surrounded by a wood perimeter frame (hard-sided version) or foam edging (soft-sided).
There have also been other options since the advent of the vinyl bladder waterbed. Some of these include tube water mattresses, consisting of a foam base with adjustable tubes on top, as well as mattresses consisting of layers of water and foam with reduced waves. These waterbed mattresses are normally heated and have toppers made of materials such as memory foam to be placed on top of the waterbed mattress as well.

The Benefits of Waterbeds

Waterbeds help relieve pressure points on the body. They provide a contouring design where the water molds to the waterbed owners body providing less pressure on the spine as well as a calming sensation as a result of the water beneath the body. The temperature of the waterbed mattress can be controlled directly by the person on the waterbed mattress. Also, the usage of vinyl is one of the best materials used to help prevent allergy outbreaks as a result of using the mattress. When the waterbed is transported, all the waterbed owner has to do is simply empty the water and easily move the waterbed.

The Downsides of Waterbeds

Some waterbeds have been known to be punctured and spill water all over the room. This can be avoided, however, if it does, there are repair kits available by the waterbed manufacturers. In addition, the waterbed usually takes a couple hours to fill all the way up. If you get motion sickness easily, then some of the types of waterbeds may not be the best choices for you as there is a lot of movement on some, not to mention a task to climb out of in some cases. Also, waterbeds may not provide the support that a memory foam mattress will provide with visco elastic foam versus just water in the vinyl bladder below.

The Basics of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam:
Not all memory foam mattresses are the same. There several different ways manufacturers produce memory foam mattresses. In general, most memory foam sleep systems consist of a viscoelastic or memory foam layer of body weight and body temperature sensitive pressure relieving visco elastic memory foam material for comfort. This visco memory foam material consists of thousands of tiny memory foam cells which adjust and expand in response to pressure being added and relieved by body weight. This visco memory foam material is five times denser than standard foam.

Support Layer or Core:
Beneath the memoryfoam layer is an orthopedic support layer or core. The support core in most high quality memory foam mattress layers usually consists of either 100% natural latex, Talalay latex or blended latex in most high-quality memory foam mattresses, or polyurethane. The core layer in memory foam mattresses provides the much needed pressure point relief, which causes discomfort, as well as back support.

Benefits of Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattresses:
Better Sleep Position from the cradling visco elastic memory foam. Better for Spine Alignment through neutral position reinforced by the contouring memory foam.
No more sagging mattresses as compared to spring mattresses, as high quality visco memory foam mattresses consist of high density visco elastic foam.
Naturally resistant to dust mites and other microorganisms due to the materials the memory foam mattress is made of.
Many higher-quality memory foam mattresses made from all-natural materials such as latex.
Modern sleep technology developed by NASA to help redistribute g-force pressure from liftoff.
Temperature-sensitive material which softens as it heats up against your body. Air-exchange systems which allow for prevention of an uncomfortably hot mattress. Designed for astronauts, Affordable for everyone.
Competitive manufacturer warranties which can be compared in the Compare Brands section.

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