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Simmons Memory Foam Beds

Simmons Memory Foam Beds.

Simmons, makers of Simmons memory foam beds, is one of the most recognized bedding brand names in the world. For over 125 years Simmons has been a leader in the bedding industry while introducing features such as the individually pocketed coil, the Wall-A-Bed, King, Queen and Olympic Queen mattress sizes, as well as many other products and features. The addition of memory foam to the already outstanding Simmons bed set has made a great bed better. Memory foam is a high density synthetic/natural material that "remembers" and always returns to it's original form. Memory foam is long lasting and greatly enhances the comfort and support of the sleep surface by conforming to the contour of the users body, removing pressure, minimizing motion transfer, allowing blood flow and encouraging proper postural alignment during sleep. One of the main causes of sleep disturbance in any mattress set is motion transfer.

Motion transfer is bed movement due to an occupants position adjustment on the bed surface. Simmons memory foam beds practically eliminates all motion transfer by adding memory foam to features such as individually wrapped coils, foam encasement and a Triton steel foundation. Simmons has recently introduced the Comforpedic line of Simmons memory foam beds Simmons memory foam beds enjoys a prestige among it's peers that can only be won by years of leadership, growth, product quality and innovation. Sealy, Serta, Kingsdown and many others have their own version of memory foam beds. The worst memory foam bed from any brand name manufacturer would "possibly" still be a good bed.

However, with Simmons memory foam beds, the quality is assured. Extensive studies show that the proper quality and quantity of sleep is vital to our quality of life during waking ours. Simmons memory foam beds insure regenerative sleep encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

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