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Memory Foam Usage Tips

Removing Stains From Your Mattress and Other Furniture

First, check your manufacturer's warranty to see what it's 'stain policy' is. In some cases, it does in fact cover stain removal if the warranty has not expired yet. In either case, the stain will need to be attended to immediately. There are many different suggestions for removing stains from a mattress of any piece of upholstery, so results may vary.

‘Dry Foam’ Method

Items suggested:
Warm water
Egg beater or whisk
Mild powdered detergent
White towel

- Mix a mild solution like that of dry dish detergent with an egg beater with warm water until it becomes ‘sudsy’ and frothy.
- Take the foam off the top of the frothy concoction and gently blot the stain with a sponge soaked in warm water.
- Be sure to wring the sponge out as much as you can as to prevent soaking the stained region.
- Repeat this process of soaking the sponge, wringing, scooping foam and blotting gently.

If the stain does not remove, then possibly consider hiring a professional mattress cleaning service or try out some more commercial cleaners for mattresses and upholstery. Be sure to test the product first and know exactly what you are dealing with as well. As many upholstery cleaners may not be effective at all, while others will. It doesn’t seem fair, but that is the truth. So be sure to ask questions pertaining to your unique situation if none of the methods here solve the problem.
Other recommended solutions include, but not at the same time, include using vinegar, hydrogen peroxide (or both vinegar and hydrogen peroxide), Folex (some swear by this! Purchased as stores such as Wal-Mart), enzyme cleaner, upholstery cleaners, or professional cleaning service.

Or please select from the following for removing stains from:









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