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Relief For Back Pain

Tips for Improving Back Pain

Back pain is experienced by most people at some point in their lives.
In fact, back pain is the second most common neurological disorder in the United States. There are many causes for back pain such as simple muscle strain or even osteoporosis, a herniated disc or more.
For the more serious reasons, it is very important that an individual speak with a doctor in the case that it is more than just a simple muscle strain. Even though there are many degrees of back pain, the only other thing that is more common than back pain is a headache. Since it is quite common, we thought it would be a good idea to offer some advice on relief for back pain in addition to regular usage of items such as memory foam mattresses for proper spinal alignment and blood circulation.

Recommended Therapies include:
Massage therapy Speak with a chiropractor about your back pain
Practice proper breathing techniques Improve bad posture such as slouching (i.e. look into the Alexander Technique)
Prolotherapy (injection of solution into damaged ligaments to help improve damaged soft tissues)
Try Hydrotherapy methods such as Balneotherapy
Acupuncture treatment
Bowen Therapy
Capsaicin cream (creates analgesic effect through substance P usage)
Stress relief through music and stress relieving Cds and more
Practice yoga

Recommended Vitamins and Minerals:
Vitamin D (in many cases pain can be caused by vitamin D deficiencies)
Vitamin B12
Willow Bark

Although these items are very effective for many people, they are only suggestions and there may be other alternatives available. We wanted to point out that there are ways in which an individual can help relieve pain in their bodies through regular intake of vitamins and minerals as well as a daily exercise routine. Most of us have or will experience back pain and it is a good idea to start finding out more and working on these issues before they become something much more demanding of serious attention in the future.

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