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Memory Foam Products

Memory Foam Products.

Memory foam is a breathable, temperature-sensitive material that responds to body heat to contour to body shape, providing pressure-free support. Well-known for its use as the ideal bedding, memory foam enjoys many other uses as well. The newest memory foam products on the market put this revolutionary material to innovative use. * Mattresses composed of memory foam conform to your most comfortable position while giving proper body support. The foam is resistant to dust mites and other allergens, unlike traditional bedding.

* Mattress toppers can be placed on top of your existing mattress as an alternative to a complete memory foam mattress. * Contour pillows support your neck and keep your spine in alignment for a good night's sleep. They can even provide relief from snoring by positioning the head properly. * Memory foam slippers offer pressure-free support for your feet, relieving joint and back pain while providing warmth and comfort. * Shoe insoles allow you to experience the comfort of memory foam while at the office or on the move.

* Computer mouse pads provide therapeutic support while you are working. Consumer reports indicate that memory foam pads outperform gel mouse pads. * Office chairs with memory foam contour to the shape of your body, giving ergonomic support for hours of at-work comfort. * Even your pet can benefit from the comfort and support of memory foam with therapeutic pet beds and luxury sofas.

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