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Innerspace Memory Foam Beds

Would You Enjoy Sleeping On Innerspace Foam Beds?

Who is InnerSpace and just where do they stand? The very essence of InnerSpace memory foam beds is to scientifically design mattresses that enable you to have healthy, more natural REM sleep while providing unequaled features for the money. Why is a foam bed better than an inner spring bed? Steel coil and spring beds, also known as inner spring beds, were invented in 1871, a technology that is 138 years past its prime! Metal springs work by pushing against you and resisting your body while on the other hand, InnerSpace memory foam beds work with you, by conforming to and enveloping your body. InnerSpace memory foam beds are manufactured using the patented and innovative Verflex material, which consists of a unique center of polyurethane foam enclosed in wool fleece and pure cotton.

Have you ever experienced "motion sickness" from your spouse or significant other tossing and turning in bed while you try to sleep? Unlike an inner spring bed, motion is not transferred throughout the entire mattress, movement is confined only to your area and nowhere else, greatly improving your chances of waking up refreshed and fully rested. Plus, all beds are hypo-allergenic, enviromentally friendly, contain no CFCs and are flame retardant.

InnerSpace's Lineup of Foam Mattresses Luxury Premiere Mattress with Bamboo Cover Featuring a 7" Polyurethane Foam Base and 3" of Visco Elastic Memory Foam Luxury Deluxe Mattress with Organic Cotton Cover Featuring a 5" Polyurethane Foam Base and 3" of Visco Elastic Foam Luxury Impressions Sculpted Memory Foam Mattress Featuring a 4" Polyurethane High-Density Foam Core and 2" of Memory Foam A Point to Ponder InnerSpace memory foam beds emphasizes value and possibly, in an effort to minimize costs, will only allow 30 days to try their products, while Isoform, Tempur-Pedic and OvernightMattress. Com all offer at least 90 days.

Before You Go If you are still undecided about whether or not InnerSpace memory foam beds would be for you, you might regret it when you wake up!

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