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Health Benefits of Memory Foam

What are the Health Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress Sleep Systems?

The visco elastic memory foam mattress is without a doubt a contributor to a better nights sleep for many visco mattress owners. While there are many health benefits associated with memory foam mattresses, many individuals with very serious chronic pain issues may not experience as much pain relief as many individuals. However, memory foam mattresses will indeed be able to provide much needed pain relief for everyone. Many factors contribute to these benefits including:

Memory Foam Relieves Pressure Points on Body
The cradling effects of Memory Foam mattresses and the NASA technology that visco elastic memory foam mattresses are based on actually displaces the pressure evenly throughout the body as opposed to traditional innerspring mattresses. This heat sensitive feature of memory foam provides less pressure on more sensitive areas and gives the memory foam mattress user an overall better nights sleep. When areas on the body have injuries and pains, the areas can become more fevered therefore providing the necessary heat for the visco memory foam to respond to accordingly, becoming softer and more contoured to fit your body and its condition on the memory mattress.

Memory Foam Provides Relief from Sleep Apnea
There are many claims that viscoelastic memory foam can help those who suffer from sleep apnea. However, it is not the actual memory foam mattress that helps those with sleep apnea problems, but many claim sleep apnea relief comes from memory foam pillows. Sleep apnea problems are not normally an issue of discomfort, but the physical way a person sleeps can affect the person’s sleep apnea. With memory foam pillows, some sleep apnea sufferers claim that by angling their heads properly in order to ensure proper breathing, they have received positive experiences. Some have actually cut into the memory foam pillow in order to provide a ‘cove’ in order to make room for the sleep apnea device mask and hose. As with any memory foam product, success all depends on the visco product user and results will vary from person to person when testing out memory foam mattresses and memory foam products.

Memory Foam Provides Allergy Relief
Within every home there are millions of microscopic species called dust mites. Dust mites are virtually harmless to most people, but can have quite an effect on allergy and asthma sufferers. There is a lot of hype in regards to dust mites and how they can produce in large numbers dues to high density memory foam mattresses and memory foam products. While some of these claims could be true, many of them are unlikely in many cases. Dust mites feed off of organic fibers such as cotton and even dead skin from our own bodies. They are not able to sustain a habitat living in the midst of high density visco elastic memory foam. The main reason dust mites have a difficult time surviving in memory foam mattresses and other visco foam products is because they simply do not have enough food to survive in such visco surroundings. Memory foam product manufacturers are well aware of this and that is why they label their products as ‘dust mite free’ because technically it is true. The only thing is that many people do use cotton sheets and all humans shed dead skin from their bodies. While there is no sure-fire way to eliminate dust mites completely from our homes, having a memory foam mattress is definitely an excellent way to help prevent them from ever living in your bed.

Memory Foam Provides Fibromyalgia (FMS) Relief
Most fibromyalgia, meaning ‘pain in the muscles’, sufferers have reported that sleeping on a memory foam mattress has in fact provided much needed relief from pain throughout the night resulting in a better nights sleep on a memory foam sleep system. This provided relief is a direct result of the temperature sensitive memory foam material used to produce the visco elastic memory mattresses. The memory foam relieves pressure points by redistributing pressure evenly though your body on the memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Provides an Overall Better Night’s Sleep
With all things considered regarding memory foam mattresses, the benefits are obvious. However, there are some added benefits that a memory foam mattress will affect your sleep at night. Memory foam mattresses contouring and cradling properties reduce movement by partners on the other side of the memory sleep system. Also, the same cradling visco-elastic foam effect provides the visco sleeper with a much more natural and comfortable sleeping position. Not to mention, reduces soreness in the morning due to awkward spine, hip and shoulder positions. Memory foam mattresses keep the memory foam user’s spinal column aligned. So not only does memory foam provide more comfort, but it also saves many visco foam users more chronic soreness issues that may result in harder mattresses and the lack of products such as memory foam mattresses to help keep their body in exceptional condition.

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