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How to Stop Thinking and Fall Asleep Faster

Here are some tips on how to make yourself fall asleep:

Do you tend you go to bed only to be left lying awake because of all those thoughts going through your head and more?

Did you know that there are some techniques to help you achieve mental relaxation? Try some of these tips to help you fall asleep at night.

How about TELLING yourself to “stop” thinking about whatever it is that is keeping you awake? When you consciously tell yourself to STOP, your mind picks up on this and tries to follow the new command. And the more you realize that you CAN force yourself to stop thinking about these things, the more you will realize that you ARE actually in control. This will lead to even more effective thought-stopping commands.

How about those times when you REALLY need to fall asleep only to stay awake for hours? Did you know that in many cases it is actually YOU who is doing it? It’s a little infamous process called performance anxiety. Now that you placed that demand to fall asleep and the ramifications of NOT falling asleep, you have caused a heightened level on anxiety…just when you absolutely MUST fall asleep. One little trick in this case is to actually tell yourself the opposite. Yes, the opposite. Keep thinking “I am going to stay awake. I WANT to stay awake.” You will more than likely find yourself falling asleep at the thought. This process is actually referred to as reverse psychology and you can really use it on yourself.

Maybe you tend to breathe heavily when full of nighttime anxiety? Why not try focusing on your breathing while trying to fall asleep? Try breathing deeply and slowly releasing the air from your lungs until it all out. Repeat this process over and over and you will most likely find yourself feeling very, very relaxed.

Remember the old “counting sheep” technique? Well, in all actuality, it actually works. Simply counting and focusing on something easy to do like counting actually causes relaxation. Maybe try counting backwards and visualizing the numbers as you count. Try counting down versus up.
Picture yourself in a relaxed environment. Now that you have some of the techniques in mind, why not try to place yourself in a relaxed environment while painting the picture/setting in your mind. Breathe deeply and slowly, even begin to count. If thoughts of your boss pop up, then tell yourself to “stop”!

While in this state, try to make yourself float in your mind. The sensation associated with the feeling of floating will help many relax their muscles. There are many techniques that can help a person fall asleep and it can very well vary from person to person. Be sure to control those levels of anxiety first. That is in many cases the cause of not being able to fall asleep. Just breathe deeply and slowly and control those thoughts that are causing anxieties. Stop worrying about falling asleep in time and just…enjoy…your rest.

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