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Bragada Memory Foam Beds

Bragada Memory Foam Beds.

Bragada memory foam beds Bragada Mattresses is the company behind many types of luxury mattresses and beds. Bragada aims to provide each costumer with the best product by using high grade materials in and rigorously testing each model of mattress, bed, and topper that the company produces. Every model of Bragada memory foam beds consists of a basic, three tiered bed. The foundation of each bed is a Bragada box spring, which is more durable than a wood foundation. The second tier of each bed is made of several inches of Posture Core Orthopaedic Support Foam, which can provide relief for those who suffer from joint and neck pain. The final tier of each bed is Ventilated CoolTemp Memory Foam, Bragada's own alteration of NASA's original CoolTemp foam.

These beds help to decrease the frustration caused by traditional mattresses and to provide the user with deep, REM sleep. Bragada offers several models of its Bragada memory foam beds, the Classic, Cashmere, and Luxury editions. The Classic models come with a basic bed and cover. The Cashmere Collection beds come with cashmere quilted covers to enhance the comfort of the beds as well as Max-Edge, added support to extend the sleep surface and life of the mattress. The Luxury Collection beds come with further temperature controls and an added layer of foam for even more back support.

The Bragada memory foam beds compare to the Tempur-Pedic mattress. Even the most basic of Bragada memory foam beds exceeds the Tempur-Pedic because the second tier of each Bragada memory foam bed provides for an immense amount of lumbar support. Also, Bragada memory foam beds boast the Orthopaedic Research Institute Seal of Approval and a lifetime guarantee, which the Tempur-Pedic does not. Bragada memory foam beds are a must for anyone looking to relieve joint pain and aches or to finally get a good night's rest.

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