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The Best Types of Memory Foams

How do I know which memory foams are the best memory foams for me?

With all of the amazing popularity that memory foam has received in recent years, much confusion has begun to surface in response to all of the different manufacturers and brands that have and will inevitably appear for years to come.
Memory foam has easily become the most popular type of mattress in the world.

How did memory foam mattresses become the most popular type of sleeping surface?

Memory foams are designed to be temperature sensitive using visco elastic memory foam technology.
This memory foam technology, first developed by NASA and first brought onto the commercial market by a Swedish company called Tempurpedic.
The Swedish Tempurpedic mattress has become the leading memory foam mattress on the market today which all memory foam mattress manufacturers, whether they are discount mattress retailers or higher end memory foam dealers, have used to compare their mattresses to.
Tempurpedic has become the industry standard in regards to memory foam. But, what about all the other memory foam brands that are out there? They also seem to have pretty attractive prices and retail memory foam sites.
The truth about memory foam mattresses is that many companies, in response to the ever-growing demand for memory foam products, have developed means of developing memory foam mattresses using cheaper memory foam mattress materials in order to bring more discount memory foam mattresses to the marketplace.

The first thing to investigate when looking into a memory foam product such as a Tempurpedic mattress is whether what is inside the mattress is actual memory foam not just ‘foam’.
Many consumers have fallen into traps where they have paid for memory foam mattresses at discount prices and have realized after several months that there some quite unavoidable flaws with the cheaper memory foam mattresses.
Some of the problems many memory foam consumers have encountered are memory foam mattresses that begin to sag after a few months of owning the mattress, a toxic smell due to some of the synthetic materials used, not much temperature sensitivity in the memory foam material, and so on. Many of these issues are direct results of memory foam mattress manufacturers’ usage of cheaply produced materials which either they or producers have put together overseas.
When a discount memory foam mattress seems a little too cheap, or even if you as a memoryfoam consumer notice a few hundred dollars off an already low priced memory foam product, we at the Memory Foam Network recommend that you do a little more research into the brand of that particular memory foam mattress.

The brands and manufacturers we feature here at the Memory Foam Network are those brands which we have researched through our own trials and research as well as those memory foam consumers all over the world who have shared their own experiences with the memory foam brand with us at Memory Foam Network.

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