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Avoiding Cheap Imitation Memory Foam Mattresses

Avoiding The Visco ‘Hammock’ Effect

Have you or anyone you know purchased a memory foam mattress only to discover not even a year later that the visco foam mattress has sunken on both sides, making it nearly impossible to sleep on? Or even experienced deep ‘valleys’ that suddenly appear, never to return to its original shape?
Many manufacturers of cheap memory foam mattresses are aware of this and that is why you as the memory foam consumer must know how to avoid cheap memory foam mattress imitations.
Cheap imitation memory foam sleep system manufacturers are so well aware of their permanent ‘sagging’ problems that they even have a limit placed on how low the sagging has to go before the consumer can take advantage of the warranty provided.

For example, one consumer had mentioned that their $2,000 memory foam mattress has began ‘sinking’ after 1 month of owning the mattress! the company told them that even though they did have a warranty, the 2” inches of sinking was not deemed enough sinking for them to have to honor the warranty agreement and replace the mattress. In fact, a major brand sent out an inspector only to have the manufacturer inform the memory foam mattress consumers that the visco mattress had simply conformed to their bodies and does not need to be replaced!
It is unfortunate to hear these complaints about the memory foam mattresses out there, but there are several things memory foam buyers can look out for.

Reason: Cheap, lower density visco elastic memory foam inside mattress

How do memory mattress consumers avoid the infamous ‘hammock’ effect of cheap memory foam imitations?

Observe Memory Foam Density

The main issue with cheap memory foam mattresses is the lack of visco elastic density, which as a result, causes the dreaded ‘valleys’ in the memory mattress. Memory foam material is something that should not be taken lightly, literally. In fact, the production of visco elastic memory foam takes quite a bit of labor to manufacture.
While many superstores do an outstanding job marketing their memory foam products at amazingly low prices, a visco consumer must consider what makes the discount memory foam so cheap.
The main thing to observe when looking for memory foam mattress products is the quality of the visco elastic materials in the product itself.

An excellent example of a high quality memory foam mattress will be firmer and will not begin sink in immediately. This may seem like a wonderful quality at first, but that is not how memory foam really works.
Visco elastic memory foam responds to body temperature, as well as body pressure. The high quality memoryfoam mattress will gradually conform to the human body, not simply sink in. It should not be an effort just to roll out of the memory foam bed as many cheap visco mattress imitations have exhibited through countless complaints.

Observe Memory Foam Materials

What makes discount memory foam beds so cheap?

While many cheaper memory foam products are assembled in the United States, the memory foam materials are shipped from overseas countries such as Asia. The problem with memory foam from overseas, with the exception of the Swedish TempurPedic memory foam, is that there are far less health and safety regulations in the memory foam production industry. Therefore, cheaper memory foam is produced using cheaper synthetic materials and dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde and other fixers in their memory foam manufacturing process.
In fact, this is what causes a lot of the unpleasant smell that comes with cheaper memory foam products. So beware of cheap imitations as many chemicals used in the visco elastic memory foam production process can literally make many individuals sick.
We recommend simply looking into higher quality all-natural memory foam mattresses.

Memory Foam Manufacturers Warranty

Be sure to look at the memory foam sleep system manufacturer’s warranty.
Make sure they will replace the visco mattress if it has any problems at all. Do not fall into the “2 inches or more” trap.
If a memoryfoam manufacturer does not have a warranty, I would recommend to move along as there is so much competition these days between memory foam manufacturers that it will not be difficult to find a quality memory foam mattress with a very generous warranty and guarantee.

High Quality Memory Foam at Affordable Prices

Currently, it is a costly process to produce high quality memory foam material and produce the entire memory foam mattress or product. In fact, it gets to be quite expensive for many visco memory product manufacturers in the USA to produce the visco elastic and latex materials that go into high quality viscoelastic memory foam sleep systems. This directly reflects the price of the memory foam product.
Many memory foam product manufacturers in the US we have spoken with have to depend on higher volumes of sales as the profit derived from producing high quality, affordably priced memory foam mattresses can be slim. But to them it is well worth it as they will be the ones surviving the memory foam boom in the long run.

Overall, if price is your only concern when selecting a memory foam mattress or sleep system, then try to reconsider the extra few hundred dollars that would be saved if a lower quality visco memory foam mattress was purchased.
If a person cannot afford to pay for a high quality memory foam mattress, then it may be a better idea to look into other options like quality non-memory foam mattresses. However, in the long run, you will be saving yourself a lot more than a few hundred dollars with a high quality memoryfoam mattress. As opposed to the shortened lives of cheap memory foam imitations, the high quality visco elastic memory foam products can last a lifetime.

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